Platinum Scrubblade: Starting at $11.99

Platinum Blade

Our top-of the line beam style wiper blade, SCRUBBLADE Platinum features a rubber covered frame for optimum performance during ice and snow buildups, a low profile to prevent wind lift, nano graphite coating for quieter, smoother wipes and additional adapters included in the package to cover over 99% of all vehicles on the road today. 

Heavy Duty Scrubblade: Starting at $8.99

Fast and easy to install on standard J-Hook, Pin Type and Bayonet arms, the Original SCRUBBLADE is superior to even the finest conventional wiper blades. It boasts a sturdy steel frame construction and fits about 80% of all vehicles. Nano graphite coating to ensure quiet wipes and our scrubbing design delivers a clean wipe like no other wiper blade.

Fog B Gone© Liquid: $7.99


Advanced FOG B GONE liquid prevents interior fogging, steaming and misting of windshields, windows, side & rearview mirrors when driving in wet or cold weather. FOG B GONE seals the microscopic pores of glass with an invisible moisture-absorbent barrier that prevents condensation instantly and improves visibility and driving safety during foggy or misting weather conditions. FOG B GONE is specifically formulated to provide relief from interior fogging and facilitates cleaning of interior glass and mirrors.
(Available in: 4.5 fl. oz. size/ 140ml)

Rain B Gone© Liquid: $7.99

Rain B Gone 

Advanced RAIN B GONE liquid provides a lasting water, soil & stain repellent coating on all exterior auto glass including windshields, side and rear windows, mirrors & lights for dramatically improved wet weather visibility, safety & driving comfort. Rain, sleet and snow simply "bead" up into small droplets and are swept away by aerodynamic wind flow for a clear view of the road. RAIN B GONE also dramatically reduces the adhesion & buildup of frost, snow, ice, salt, mud, insects and road grime for easy removal and cleaning. For perfect car glass and a clear view of the road in any weather use Rain B Gone!
(Available in: 4.5 fl. oz. size/ 140ml)

Scrubblade Wiper Tablets: $4.99


Turn normal tap water into potent washer fluid within two minutes using our formulated tablets. Simply drop into the washer fluid reservoir and watch even tough build-up get wiped away. Fast and effective, convenient to store and use. SCRUBBLADE Wiper Fluid Tablets can help you save up to 75% per gallon of washer fluid purchased. Combine with SCRUBBLADE wipers for optimal performance! 1-Tablet equals 1-gallon of washer fluid, Works to 28˚ F.     (Washer Fluid Tablets, 5 pack)

H.D. Pin Type Adapters: $6.99

H.D. Pin Adapter 

Heavy Duty Wiper Adapters are necessary for H.D. split-window pin type applications. Designed for use with front loaders such as Waste Management vehicles or any 18 wheeler with pin type wiper arms. Heavy Duty Wiper Adapters come with reinforced metal bracket(s) and easily snap on SCRUBBLADE® HEAVY DUTY Wipers. They even come with a preventative locking nut to guard against loss.

(2 adapters per box)

Scrubblade Classic Snapback Mesh Style Hat: $12.95

Scrubblade icon artwork combined into a singular design that rests over the logotype in order to demonstrate key elements Scrubblade wipers can remove.

One Size Fits All.
Color: Black
60% Cotton/40% Polyester